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Our head office buildingAbidally Sons (Pvt) Ltd,
23, Lillie Street,
Colombo 2,
Sri Lanka.
Phones: +94-11-242 3775
Fax:+1-708-570-3419(eFax) or +94-11-243 7860

Exporters of the finest quality Pure Ceylon Tea

Incorporated in 1987 Abidally Sons (Pvt) Ltd., is a family owned company specializing in the export of quality teas to various parts of the world. Our Chairman Mr. Abid Akbarally draws on more than 40 years experience in the tea trade. He is ably assited by his three sons Mohammed, Mustapha and Murtaza who are all British educated and have several years hands on experience in international trade. Since the owners are full time involved in the management of the company, we can offer the very best service in terms of speed and flexibility, while retaining our competitiveness. We have on our staff several high calibre executives who specialize in tea tasting, blending, packaging and shipping. All executives in our company are fluent in the English Language and the average age of our staff is 35 years.

We have our own modern four storied office building in the heart of Colombo’s business district with excellent international communication facilities. We have a specially dedicated tea tasting room where we sample approximately 5,000 different samples of tea each week, comprising of teas from of all gardens in Sri Lanka. We also have our own spacious warehouse and factory complex in a prime industrial site close to the port of Colombo, and are well equipped to handle both bulk and packeted tea. A dedicated staff with necessary resources enables us to handle large orders with speed and efficiency.

Amongst our other lines of business, we export packeted spices, namely cloves, cardamoms, black pepper, nutmeg, mace and cinnamon. Abidally Sons (Pvt) Ltd also has several other investments under its umbrella, amongst which include Lanka Plastic Industries (Pvt) Ltd, which company engages in the manufacture of printed polyethylene and polypropylene bags,

To contact us please fax us at +1-708-570-3419 (USA) or send us an Email message telling us of you requirements and we will be glad to send you specific samples and service your requirements.

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