Bulk Tea in Chests

The standard sized tea chests available in Type 1 - Full Chests 16 x 20 x 24 inches, and Type 2 - Half Chests 16 x 16 x 24 inches are the most traditional form of packing tea. Type 2 Half Chests are normally used only for the packing of Dust grades. Special size chests are also available on special order but this is more costly. All tea chests have an inner aluminum liner which protects against moisture and retains flavour and freshness. The chests are which are intrinsically very durable, are also double cross-wired to protect against bursting open in case of a "fall". Gunny covering of the chests is possible and this is popular in places where the chest is transported great distances in open trucks or on the backs of beats of burden such as camels and donkeys etc. Such primitive transportation is a reality with Bedouin people in the Saudi Arabian Peninsular who love their tea and go to great lengths to ensure a good cuppa even in the remotest parts of the desert.

Depending on the grade of tea each chest could contain from 20 kg to 55 kg (net weight).

Bulk Tea in Paper Sacks

T Holder Sacks in our warehousePacking of bulk tea in paper sacks was introduced in the past ten years and has gained in popularity. Specially designed 5ply Kraft paper sacks with an aluminum liner are used. The paper sack has a similar volume to the standard tea chest This packing is suitable for the smaller leaf teas as the bigger leaf teas tend to get crushed in this sack. There are also some rigid sacks available, which are recommended buy the manufacturers for packing of long leaf teas. The empty paper sack is easier to store than an empty tea chest as such this has been one of the main reasons why large blenders and packers prefer such packing.

Bulk Tea in Corrugated Cartons

Bulk corrugated cartonsSuch packing has grown in popularity particularly in Iran and Syria. The package can be attractively printed and is of a size that can be easily handled. It is suited the style of the grocery shops in these countries where loose tea is retailed by weight, and discerning consumers want to be able to "touch, feel the leaves and sniff the exquisite aroma" of the product before purchase. Such cartons are normally of 10kg - 20kg net weight.

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