Tea in Retail Packets

Tea in printed Box Board Cartons

The Teacher’s Brand shown hereabouts This is the most popular for of packeted tea. Normal pack sizes are 85g, 100g, 250g, 500g & 1kg. We specialize in printing and packing in buyer’s own brands and trademarks. Also we have a range of house brands available. The inner packing is normally a HDPE bag but aluminum foil could also be used. Suck packets are best used within two years and have a maximum shelf life of 3 years.

Tea in Aluminum Foil Packets with a Wrap Round Printed Label

This is a very traditional packing suitable only for small leaf teas specially Dust and BOPF, and excellent for retaining flavour and freshness. Alum-foil packets have a longer shelf life and can be used up to 3 years from date of packing. Sizes available form 50g - 1kg.

Tea in Printed Polybags

Simple an economical packing available in sizes ranging from 100g to 1kg. Each pack consists of a inner HDPE bag, with and outer printed LDPE bag. Such packets are best used within one year but can keep up to 2 years in non humid environments.

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